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Got my swap from MudderBear!!

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  • Got my swap from MudderBear!!

    Boy, did I hit the jackpot w/ this awesome swap and great swap partner!!

    Mudder sent me:

    An adorable pair of red flip flops... EARRINGS w/ a matching necklace! They're JUST the kind of earrings I love to wear... fun and funny!

    Another really necklace... silver w/ a blue/turquoise kind of stone w/ matching earrings!

    Another necklace w/ a red (my fave color!) sparkley disk... would you believe I have a pair of earrings that will totally match??

    She also sent me:

    Plastic shot glasses... and fun swizzle sticks... and red plastic tableware... and a cool screen that protects your food from flies, etc... can we say "boating??"
    Ice-kababs... a silicone ice tray w/ sticks that freeze into the ice cubes so you can stir the ice in your drink.
    A basting brush that you can screw right onto your bottle of BBQ sauce.

    Thank you, Mudder!!!
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    Re: Got my swap from MudderBear!!

    Wowzers ! Great swap for sure ! Hey Mudder, Where did you get the basting brush? I have never heard of such a thing and am interested in buying one.


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      Re: Got my swap from MudderBear!!

      Jana, I am pretty sure that Pampered Chef has a screw-on basting brush.

      Luvs. That sounds like a great swap! I love funky jewellery too.
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