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doesnt it ever end???????

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  • doesnt it ever end???????

    get the mail yesterday and a statement from the health insurance to show what they have paid on dhs testing etc. for 4/29.....for the testing......they paid ZILCH!!!!! claiming it is a work related injury/illness! dont know where they got that idea? so monday i get to call and get that straightened out. and when they called dh for his next procedure date for the other leg..........the girl started out with "i have some bad news". the doc he has been seeing for this quit! no warning, no nothing! so he told her to set him up with one of the other docs......he doesnt care who, as long as they know what they are doing.

    i didnt loose it! ...........i sold it on ebay!

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    Re: doesnt it ever end???????

    I agree. Stay on the insurance company. There are levels of appeal you can go through and if you do not get it resolved call your state's department of insurance and see if they can help. Go throught the appeal process first though.


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      Re: doesnt it ever end???????

      Praying things get better and soon ...when it rains it sure does seem like it pours

      Hang in there (((((((hugs)))))))


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        Re: doesnt it ever end???????

        I am so sorry youre having to go thru all this. Insurance companies sure know how to make a bad situation even more stressful! Hang in there, and stay on top of them! Youre still in my prayers!