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Hair growth help!

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  • Hair growth help!

    I recently gave in and cut my hair off a few inches. Now I want it back!! Any advice on what I can do to help it out? I always get routine haircuts. I heard that Nioxin hair products are good. I also heard to take Biotin vitamins.

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    Re: Hair growth help!

    I don't think there is any tried and true hair growth product--except time
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      Re: Hair growth help!

      how long was your hair before you cut it a few inches???
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        Re: Hair growth help!

        I've recently ( in the past few months) been diagnosed with female pattern baldness. I'm losing my hair on top of my head.For a few years Dr's thought it may have been from hypothyroidism and all the meds I take. Found out it wasn't....I did the Nioxin for a year, with no results,(it's expensive too) and I've also tried the biotin,(heard about it here) it didn't help me either.If you haven't any health problems ,it may just the thing for you.If not your hair will grow back before you know it.
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