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Dishwasher repair help please

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  • Dishwasher repair help please

    I can't afford a plumber. My daughter just called me at work and said she opened the dishwasher door and the water had not drained out, of course the dishes were dirty. Any ideas besides a sledgehammer for when I go home to fix it?

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    Re: Dishwasher repair help please

    I would type your model and problem in google and see what you can find.
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      Re: Dishwasher repair help please

      can you just restart the cycle?
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        Re: Dishwasher repair help please

        Here is a site like. You can post a question and an expert will answer your questions.


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          Re: Dishwasher repair help please

          On the bottom level, on the right hand side (at least on my model) there is a tube with a cone-shaped cover on it. The cover moves with the water level and signals when to drain. Mine has stuck now and then. I have removed the cover and cleaned it and everything went back to normal. You can also take the racks out, unscrew the bottom cover to the drainage and check that there is nothing clogging it. I have pulled things like dental floss, fish bones, and plastic wrap out of mine.

          If you decide to do this, make sure you understand how the cover and spray arm are supposed to go back and in which order to replace things.
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            Re: Dishwasher repair help please

            Well, I'll be darned! That worked! With a few choice words of course......Thank you!!