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I'm sad today...

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  • I'm sad today...

    ... and strangely happy. A friend forwarded an email to me... the most wonderful and loving tribute to one of our school classmates who died recently, written by his friend (another classmate) w/ photos of the gathering afterward at a local winery w/ music and friends.

    I went to a small school district... graduated high school w/ kids I went to kindergarten w/. We were a small class (maybe 250?) and we were close. I always go to the reunions and really enjoy talking to old friends and those to whom I probably didn't say 10 words to in high school.

    This pal was a good one... we'd never been in contact since we graduated (in 1971!!) but I heard about him from others and always hoped he'd show up at a reunion. He never did. I am so sad that we were never in touch... that I never saw him again... and I wish I could have gone to the memorial.

    I'm happy cause the photos show that he had a lot of people in his life who loved him, including the 4 or 5 classmates who attended, some from across the country!

    I'll miss you, Dwight.
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    Re: I'm sad today...

    Sorry for the loss of part of your youth. You've now provided another lovely tribute for your friend Dwight.

    Condolences to his family as well.


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      Re: I'm sad today...

      (((((((luvs2eat))))))) I agree thats a beautiful tribute you posted and makes me kind of sad as well because life really is too short.


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        Re: I'm sad today...

        (((((((luvs))))))) Remember I Still Love You.

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