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  • Computer question (internet)

    We just dropped AOL dial-up and got broadband. The connection to broadband is fine but if I'm on a website and want to email from a link, I get an error message, like our default email isn't set up right. Can anyone offer any suggestions? I tried going into the MY COMPUTER icon and checked out the INTERNET OPTIONS, but that didn't help. I can live with the problem, but it's a pain going into my email to copy/paste the email address, rather than just clicking on the link and having it automatically opening an email window. Thanks if you can help!

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    Re: Computer question (internet)

    I wish I knew. I'm on dial-up with our local ISP and they use Outlook Express. That is our default email. When I want to use yahoo to send something, I don't know how to get there from a link.

    Did you try
    tools > internet options > programs.
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