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Cyber vacations need new idea

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  • Cyber vacations need new idea

    I know we just got back from camping and all of us had a wonderful time, the campsite will never be the same without us but this summer I think we just have vacations threw out the summer. Once we get rested I think maybe a cruise. Never been on one, also maybe we could visit other countries. I've only been to Mexico & Canada (west side) unless someone else has a better idea. Let's all vote & then we go.

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    Re: Cyber vacations need new idea

    Since you're in AZ you could drive to LA and catch a Princess Ship(round trip) and go to Hawaii. When you drive to the port you don't have to worry about your luggage. There are hotels (nice hotels) near the port, which is San Pedro, that let you park your car free while you're cruising, approx price for the hotel $120(for the night before the cruise). Hotel shuttles you back and forth to the ship. We've done this 3 times and the trip is so relaxing.I'm prone to seasickness and have tried every method known to man, and have come up with the right combination for me. A Bonine tablet night before you get on the ship, and then one every night of the cruise, plus I wear an electronic impulse thing on my wrist. When the ship starts rocking and rolling you turn it on and it gives off slight electric pulses and somehow stabilizes your body. I really don't understand how it works, but it does. I highly recommend a cruise!


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      Re: Cyber vacations need new idea

      Oh, I know! Lets go to Jamaica! We can go to Hedonism where they have nudist beaches!! We'll be the Belles of the Ball!!!

      Of course, we will have to keep Nu away from Mrs. Browns Mushroom Tea.....
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        Re: Cyber vacations need new idea

        Did you mean Bellies of the Ball? If yes, I'll be there.


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          Re: Cyber vacations need new idea

          Hey roset since your in Arizona and Idaho is right there and kind of on your way to California stop by and get me and I will ride with you so your not lonely. Cruise will be fun. I would love to really go on one but no money. Maybe one day when I am rich and famous. I am going to write some stories so I will be a famous author and travel all over... hee hee. Ok only in my dreams.

          Never regret something because at one point it was exactly what you wanted!


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            Re: Cyber vacations need new idea

            It's cyber so we can do anything we want. We all just need to agree with a country or place. I hope we can vacation all summer long. Remember what stayed in camping stays in camping, like whatever stays in Vegas stays in Vegas.