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  • Tami - I got my parcel

    Well Tami really went out of her way to send me some great stuff. Here's a list:

    - Hamburger press
    - Thongs - aqua with pink straps and flamingos all over them
    - Paper plates & matching napkins with a BBQ motif
    - Magnet the size and shape of Texas
    - 3-D magnet for the Astros
    - Parrot party light set
    - Wind chime
    - Red Brookshire Brothers cloth shopping bag
    - Shocking pink (I love the colour) T saying Sexy & Single in sparkle (how extremely like me)
    - Chipotle pepper sauce
    - Smokey mesquite BBQ sauce
    - Honey chipotle BBQ sauce.

    Now I'm being forced to break out my hibachi grill and get going.

    Thanks so much Tami - what a great swap

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    Re: Tami - I got my parcel

    Great swap. I always feel so lame when I hear what everyone gets, and I see what I get. Everyone else sends such great packages! I need to do some better shopping!!!

    I can't wait for the next!!
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      Re: Tami - I got my parcel

      WOW! Sounds like you got some awesome stuff!!
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        Re: Tami - I got my parcel

        Wow, nice swap!


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          Re: Tami - I got my parcel

          love to grill....enjoy your great swap and get to BBQing!!!!
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            Re: Tami - I got my parcel

            I'm so glad you like it. I just thought it was too funny that you sent me a Stubb's cookbook when I had sent you some Stubb's BBQ sauce. Oh and the pepper sauce is from a BBQ board I belong to, you said you like heat so you should like this. We love it and I am fixin to place my order for more I'm almost out. The other BBQ sauce is great on ribs or chicken.

            Glad you like the shirt I was disappointed I couldn't get you the one I wanted from the near by town I shop at funny thing is they have the shirts I wanted to buy for you now.

            Again I'm glad you like everything I had a lot of fun with this. Oh and I've been wearing my flipflops the last 2 days and gotten many compliments on them.
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