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Summer water weight retention

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  • Summer water weight retention

    Does anyone else suffer from this? I am so frustrated right now because I jog six days a week, drink way over the amount of water you're supposed to drink, eat VERY healthy and yesterday gained three pounds! Please tell me that it's water!? My husband said it's probably because my body is trying to get used to the heat and once it adjusts he thinks it will go away. Has this happened to anyone else?

    I felt like if I'm going to have gained three pounds anyway I may as well have eaten a pizza! It's so maddening to be good and gain regardless. I am almost 38 and I don't know if that's a factor, but I wonder if anyone else has had the same experience.

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    This happens alot from heat and humidity. Here are some natural diuretics you can try when it's really hot:

    Drink or iced Tea is a natural diuretic De-Caf is better than Caff.

    Drink your water always with fresh lemon. The combination is also a natural Diuretic

    Eat lots of Zuchinni....also a diuretic. Better to have it grilled, steamed or raw in salads as opposed to deep fried darnit!

    Spinach also has a diuretic effect. Better to eat raw also.

    I know there are other ones, but have to think about it and get back to you.


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      Water with lemon works well as said above.


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        jules...I swear we are in the same boat! I have for the first time EVER just recently been without A/C in hot weather and my ankles and feet have been swollen the past 2 days and it is all I can do to keep them propped. the all of a sudden poof heatwave here got the best of me!

        I took chops advice and drank lots of water w/ lemon and even called my dr. they were soooo swollen his nurse finally called back and said:
        no salt or very little salt
        plenty of water
        Today theyre better but yes I have gained some weight and hope it is water too because in the past few weeks I have started exercising ....

        Good luck and hope you adjust to the heat soon!!!!


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          I am taking notes of all the tips ...TY


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            You can also eat celery, and cottage cheese is a diuretic too.

            OK, just found my list:
            Brussel Sprouts
            Cider Vinegar
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              Thanks apanda!

              I just hope this swelling is from the heat ...not so much my ankles as my feet by my toes today!


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                Cut down on your carbs. Your body needs a lot of water to process them.

                Believe me it really works ...try it for 3 days and SEE THE DIFFERENCE!


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                  Originally posted by Britmum
                  Cut down on your carbs. Your body needs a lot of water to process them.

                  Believe me it really works ...try it for 3 days and SEE THE DIFFERENCE!
                  That is good to know, thanks!


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                    I appreciate all of the tips! I'm going to print these out. Has anyone else besides Wishingstar had this problem? It hasn't been that hot here yet, 88 or so, but it is so humid. One day last week I went running in the evening, came back SOAKING WET because of sweat, and weighed the next morning and had gained two pounds. I am going crazy!

                    Wishingstar, let me know how any of this works for you. I need all of the help I can get.

                    Once our bodies adjust to the humidity, do you think we'll lose the extra weight?


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                      The water w/ lemon has really helped me.