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    I was looking around on that site I just posted and found a recipe for grilled salmon that sounds really good to me. The recipe for it is simple. Buy lemon extract virgin olive oil, sea salt & garlic pepper or cracked pepper. Mix all of these ingredients in a bowl. Brush on salmon & grill. They didn't give measurements...eyeball it I guess.. questions are these:

    I have never bought lemon extract virgin olive oil in a grocery most grocery stores sell it?

    Sea salt??? Has anyone ever used it and what do you think of it? I am thinking I would sprinkle some Paula Deen's House Seasoning instead of sea salt..would that work instead?

    Question: Does this recipe sound good to anyone besides me? I love grilled salmon at a restaurant and thought I would get brave and make it at home.

    Last Question: How long on each side should you grill salmon?
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    Re: Questions

    The recipe does sound good. I have never heard of lemon extract olive oil, I'll have to look next time I go to the store but I bet you could use lemon juice or zest with regular olive oil. I use sea salt all the time it is a coarser salt. I'd say cook the salmon 2-4 minutes per side. If it doesn't flake when you try with a fork it needs more time.

    I'm going to try this with Halibut.


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      Re: Questions

      I am glad you mentioned the lemon juice with the olive oil...I was going to ask if that would work...but forgot. If I can't find that kind of oil..will try that...thx for answering my questions..much appreciated