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    One of my friends had a birthday last week so a couple of GF's took her out to lunch yesterday. The birthday girl wanted to go to Luby's Cafe. I don't know when the last time it was that I went to a cafe. Anyway, the food was pretty good You still go thru a line, but the food is not in the metal heating trays. The food is now in white casserole dishes that rest on a heating area of some sort. The salads & dessert areas still looked the same, but the entrees actually looked very appealing in the white casserole dishes. Luby's is back "on the planet".

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    Re: Luby's Cafe

    Last time I went to Luby's my 24 year old son was 2 I was married to my ex and while we were eating the Luby's got robbed. I haven't been back since!
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      Re: Luby's Cafe

      I love Luby's. Yes, they have changed their looks and their menu. Most of the Luby's here in SA have closed. Of hand I can only think of 4 that are still open, but there maybe more. My girlfriend and I go to Luby's after our quilting/ sewing class.


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        Re: Luby's Cafe

        the lubys here is very good,always packed on sundays,the food is good and prices very reasonable.


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          Re: Luby's Cafe

          Speaking of Sundays. When my kids were little, after church on Sundays we always went to Luby's for lunch. My son had their mac/ cheese, and I would always have their carrot salad. Not sure they still have that salad. I now stick with green salad, their spinach salad is good. My former FIL would always get the liver & onions. Such a long time ago. My kids are grown, with kids of their own and my in laws are dead.


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            Re: Luby's Cafe

            I would always get the fried chicken or baked fish, green beens, mashed potatoes and deep dish hot apple pie. I didn't eat there very often so I stuck to what I knew I liked.

            Ours closed down a long time ago. In the same spot, they opened a Wyatt's, but I just never liked that as much and I thought the prices were too high, so I quit eating there. Now the Wyatt's is closed too.


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              Re: Luby's Cafe

              We use to go to Luby's alot after church also. I haven't been in years. Drug reps bring lunch catered from there fairly often. Always good, except their green beans are usually too salty to eat. I love their coconut custard pie, I think they call it butter coconut pie. The german chocolate is good also. Don't care for their chocolate cream, tastes too much like boxed pudding for me.

              Love the avacado/grapefruit salad with the poppyseed dressing. Seafood tempura, baked fish. Oh hell, I like pretty much all of it!
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                Re: Luby's Cafe

                Allie, i always got the same things,especially the baked fish,it was always good.


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                  Re: Luby's Cafe

                  Their baked fish was always good and still is.


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                    Re: Luby's Cafe

                    I love to eat at Luby's. During the past year when I was on chemo every 3 weeks, hubby and I would go to eat at the Luby's in the Houston medical center after each treatment. I could always find something that sounded good and of course, their desserts are fabulous.

                    Here in Huntsville we have one of only 2 Bob Lubys Seafood restaurants in Texas. It is not cafeteria style but a real sit down with a waitress restaurant. The food is great and since the Pappas Brothers are the primary investors, some of the dishes reflect their style of cooking. If you are ever passing through Huntsville and need a good place to eat, I highly recommend it. Its located right on I-45. Hubby would eat there every day if I let him.


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                      Re: Luby's Cafe

                      I hope these recipes are the ones you laidies want. I have a lot of their recipes

                      Luby's Coconut Meringue Pie

                      5 cups Half-and-half
                      1/4 cup (1/2 stick) Butter
                      1 cup Sugar
                      3 extra-large eggs
                      1/4 cup Cornstarch
                      1 teaspoon Vanilla
                      1/4 teaspoon Salt
                      1 cup miniature Marshmallows
                      1 1/4 cups flaked Coconut
                      2 baked 9-inch pie shells


                      1 1/4 cups Egg Whites (from 8 to 9 extra-large eggs)
                      1 teaspoon Cream of Tartar
                      1 1/2 cups Sugar

                      For filling combine half-and-half and butter in saucepan. Bring just to boil over medium heat.

                      In medium bowl, whisk together sugar, eggs, cornstarch, vanilla and salt until cornstarch is completely dissolved and mixture is well-blended. Gradually add to mixture in saucepan, stirring constantly with wire whisk. Cook, stirring constantly, about 1 minute or until thickened. Add marshmallows and 3/4 cup of the coconut. Cook and stir until marshmallows melt and mixture is well-blended. Pour into pie shells. Refrigerate at least 2 hours.

                      Heat oven to 350 degrees.

                      For meringue, in large bowl, beat egg whites and cream of tartar until soft peaks form. Add sugar, a small amount at a time, beating constantly until stiff peaks form. Spread half the meringue over each pie to edge of crust. Sprinkle each with 1/4 cup of the remaining coconut on each pie.
                      Bake 12-15 minutes or until lightly browned. Refrigerate until served.

                      Luby's Baked Fish


                      8 skinless fish fillets
                      1/2 cup flour
                      3 1/2 cups mayo (up to 4)
                      1 lemon pepper seasoning
                      1 dried parsley flakes
                      1 water


                      Coat fish with flour and shake off excess. Spread mayo on top of fish.
                      Sprinkle with lemon pepper and parsley. Lay in dish without overlapping fish and add 1/8" water to dish to keep fish moist. Bake on 350 degrees F for approximately 20 minutes or until you can flake fish with fork.

                      Luby's Carrot-Raisin Salad

                      This simple, sensational salad is among our all-time favorites. The secret to its success is, in part, Luby's homemade mayonnaise, but a good-quality store-bought brand will make an acceptable at-home substitute.

                      2 lbs carrots, peeled and trimmed
                      1 cup raisins
                      1 cup canned crushed pineapple, drained
                      1 cup mayonnaise
                      1/2 cup powdered sugar

                      1. Shred carrots using large holes of grater. In large bowl, combine carrots, raisins, and pineapple.
                      2. In small bowl, mix mayonnaise and powdered sugar until well blended. Pour over carrot mixture and toss lightly to coat evenly. Cover and refrigerate at least 2 hours.

                      8 Servings.

                      Luby's Cafeteria 50th Anniversary Recipe Collection


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                        Re: Luby's Cafe

                        I was bad and got their chicken fried steak..... it was delicious Also got their mac & cheese. My heart is hurting My firends got fish and really enjoyed it. I will certianly go back. I just remember that several years ago I bought a cookbook at Lubys for a friend of mine that LOVED the meatloaf.


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                          Re: Luby's Cafe

                          I have never heard of it a cafeteria?


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                            Re: Luby's Cafe

                            pssst, we and everyone else were ok. Thanks for askin'!!!!! The Luby's that was robbed was in Houston so beware!

                            No they did not catch the guy, but he lost most of the loot running away. He sat right beside us and I thought it was odd that he was using the napkin to hold his drink!
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                              Re: Luby's Cafe

                              My husband's family always has their little family reunion at Luby's in Wichita Falls every April. It's always good and has been for at leat 40 years that I know of! It was a required stop for my daddy when he'd go to WF.....of course, it was about the closest place to eat from where he lived (90 miles away), but he loved it.