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AND Design Star, anyone watching this?

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  • AND Design Star, anyone watching this?

    I do not like it when they pair these people up, it is a recipe for disaster. They need to give them all individual assignments each week, they are trying too hard to entertain for entertainments sake as opposed to letting the viewing public enjoy each of the designers take on how they would decorate a space, room, or whatever, and then judge from that. I do not like the judges EXCEPT for vern; the others just need to be replaced, thought that last year too; i love this show and will still watch it, but i am going to email my thoughts on this, though of course too late for this year.

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    Re: AND Design Star, anyone watching this?

    I agree. They should not be paired up or work in groups, at least not anymore. I don't know about anyone esle, but it seems to me that in this show and on "The Next Food Network Star" there seems to be alot of crying going on.