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vitamin D defiency..

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  • vitamin D defiency..

    having trouble spelling..

    is thier anybody on this bb who has a vitamin d defiency..and what do you eat and drink..take vitamins..

    my teenage dd has been diagnosed with this..well she's borderline..which surprises me..she's get's alot of sunshine..eats..alot of green veggies..and drinks quite abeit of milk..she has it's just one more condition to worry can you give me any advice on this.

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    Re: vitamin D defiency..

    I can't give any advice, but I did just see something like on GMA about how so many peeps are getting this. They recommmend vitamins. I would contact her doc. to see how much she would need.


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      Re: vitamin D defiency..

      I don't have experience with this, but looking in our treatment guide, and I asked our PA. it says for vitamin D Deficiencey:
      Activity: Weightbearing exercise
      Diet: fatty fish (tuna, salmon), fortified milk, cerial and foods

      there is a vit d supplement that's rx, I'm going to presume since doc didn't order it, it may not be that severe.

      get over the counter Calcium + D. my doc recommends Calcium Citrate, generic for Citracal, 2 daily.
      Get plenty of sun light, not tanning bed, sunlight.

      good luck.
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        Re: vitamin D defiency..

        food allergies, especially celiac disease cause vitamin deficiencies even if you eat...


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          Re: vitamin D defiency..

          When I had my blood work done in May it showed that my vitamin D was low and my doctor gave me a prescription. I take one 50000 IU capsule weekly.