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Biopsy finally done!

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  • Biopsy finally done!

    I have to wait till the 19th for results and then we plan the day for surgey. It seems I have 2 tumors that they can see in my uteras and that is the reason for my chronic pain. My new doc says my old doc tried to kill me by putting me on birth control pills because it accelarated the cancer growth. He had put me on 4 pills a day to make my bleeding stop! I am gonna miss a bunch of work but it will be ok!
    Too hot to handle, too cold to hold!

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    Hope everything works out for you, Texanne.


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      Prayers and hugs to you!!


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        Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry. That is awful. Is this uterine cancer?
        My prayers go out to you for a good fight and full recovery.
        This is a good site for info and support (the cancer concerns forum, esp):

        Please keep us updated.


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          Prayers coming your way.


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            I am so sorry - please take care. I am so glad you found a new doctor. I am going through the same thing and just found a brand new doc that I went to see today but he got called out on an emergency C-Section.

            Please keep us posted (((((hugs)))))