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anyone have a teen going to college???

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  • anyone have a teen going to college???

    Or have you been threw this?? DD is in her second yr. but had to do com. college the first yr. and transfer grades, she did great so now we got this apt. on campus little kitchenette (she will have roommate but find out in the next few weeks who she is) so they can decide who will bring what to the kitchen. I just did the thread about Home Goods plus we got Big Lots next to it. I am buying bedding, towels, shower curtains etc... it is costing me so much. What are some things you felt they needed. I don't want to over buy & get the things they really need. Got the laptop & printer too. We have been buying little bits this is getting costly. Hope next yr. most of this is done & not to have to buy too much. Any info will help me. Thanks!!!

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    Re: anyone have a teen going to college???

    When my twin sons went to college last year as Freshman, I had bought too much stuff and things they didn't need or use. I would say slow down on getting stuff till she knows what she needs. If you are moving her in, most everything can be gotten at Walmart and you can run over when she's moved in and get a list of things she wants/needs. My sons had a micro, toaster and big tub of snacks but they didn't use them cuz the meal plan at their school was very good. This year they said they won't take the micro or the toaster back with them.

    I had also filled a big tub with some cleaning supplies but they never needed those as there was a fully stocked kitchen on each floor and they could grab paper towels and stuff from there, even had a few vacuums and brooms and stuff.


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      Re: anyone have a teen going to college???

      My son is going into his Senior Year in college, and has shared a house with 4 other guys since his Sophomore year. His grandmother took him shopping before they moved into the house and bought a TON of stuff!!!! She got him a family size Foreman Grill, Crock Pot, toaster oven, set of pots and pans, knives, casserole dishes, rubbermaid storage set, cookie sheets, blender, towels, shower curtain, etc... - I forget everything by now!!

      But, they don't eat at the Cafeteria, so he actually does use everything she got him. He is the one that does most of the cooking. Since she got him so much, the only things left for me to get him were spices & recipes! And, I like to think that because of my recipes, that is why he is the Cook! He calls me every week from the grocery store for ideas on what to buy to cook for the week. Since he and the roommates are all athletes and have such a grueling schedule, I have taught him many, many Crock Pot recipes! They are in Madison, Wisconsin, so in the winter time, the soups and stews are wonderful for them. Taco Soup is a HUGE hit with all of them, and easy because the recipe can so easily be tripled, or more! They would all chip in a few bucks for the ingredients for Darren to make it for them!

      I would definitely get her a toaster and microwave, even if she is on the meal plan. That way, if she is running behind and doesn't have time to go and eat, she can do PopTarts, bagels, toast, frozen dinners, etc..
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        Re: anyone have a teen going to college???

        Been there, done that with our twin sons and then daughter (had two years where ALL three were in colege at once AND in three different colleges!!!!). We have even done, (and still are doing) graduate school and one in doctorate school. Everyone has given you good advice thus far on CK, especially about not going overboard, etc. I STILL have stuff around my house from the undgergrad years that they didn't even use. I should have a yard sale or put it on craigslist or something.

        I found that as each new school year began (especially with my VERY organized daughter) they take less and less back with them to start the new year. Mostly because they had different living arrangements every year. The worst overload was their first year (or two) living in dorms, that is when they needed more. As they "advanced" to apartments and townhouses, etc. they needed less.

        Another thing I can tell you is that four years of college, etc. goes MUCH faster than high school did. Basically, because they don't live with you on a daily basis any more and them coming home is in leaps and bounds of time making it go faster. Some summers they didn't even come home.

        Best of wishes and hope they enjoy their time there. Mine still wish they were back doing undergrad because it was a lot more fun than grad/doctorate OR the real world!!!!
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          Re: anyone have a teen going to college???

          Try to hit up a few yard sales, that is where I got my sons some casserole dishes, etc. Also remember that the room mate/s will bring some stuff too. I also notices when the boys were in college, they lived in t shirts/sweat shirts, sweat pants, jeans. Only needed like 1-3 nice outfits kept at college. When Krogers, or whatever the grocery in your area is, has buy 1 get 1 free of tylenol, imodium Ad, etc, stock up then give one to your house and one to child.