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  • Book recommendation!!

    About 15 years ago, Ken Follett wrote Pillars of the Earth... a l-o-n-g book about the building of a cathedral in the 1100s... religion, nobility, politics, peasants, etc ... it was really good.

    Just recently, he came out w/ the sequel, World without End... set at the same cathedral in the 1300s. More religion, politics, and the bubonic plague! It was SOOO good, I couldn't put it down all weekend! I was sad when it was done... at like 925 pages!!

    You don't have to read the first one first, but they do make reference to characters in the first one in the second one.

    I read the first one 15 years ago... and reread it before reading World without End. LOVED them both and can't recommend them highly enough!
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    Re: Book recommendation!!

    I remember hearing about the new book. Thank you for the recommendation, I'm going to have to put that on my list


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      Re: Book recommendation!!

      O I have read both, and both are outstanding, did not want world to end, hahaha. anyway, a long read, intense and very depthful reading,love loved it, even emailed him and told him so. want another sequel, want to know what is the "rest of the story".... a must read for anyone who loves to read.


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        Re: Book recommendation!!

        I am reading a really awesome book called The Book Thief. Has anyone else read it? It's about a little girl living in Germany during World War 11. Her mom abandons her with German foster parents. It has really strong characters in it.

        Several people have recommend Pillars Of Earth and World Without End. I will have to give them a try.


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          Re: Book recommendation!!

          I'm almost done with Pillars.. and I so don't want it to end. Excellent excellent book.
          Can't wait to get my hands on the next one!


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            Re: Book recommendation!!

            Who writes The Book Thief?


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              Re: Book recommendation!!

              Awesome! I have Pillars of Earth on my list of next to read, and I am really excited that there is a follow up to it!!
              I FINALLY got my hands on a couple of Phil Rickman books. Someone here had recommended him. I was so intrigued, I started scouring Half Price Books and The Book Rack and could not find a single one!!! So, finally, got The Wine of Angels and Midwinter of the Spirit from Ebay. I am very excited about starting them too.....

              Yes, Sushi, The Book Thief sounds like a good read too..I will start keeping my eyes open for that one...

              Dot - I googled The Book Thief and looks like the author is Markus Zusak. Check it out here on Wikipedia.. Sounds FANTASTIC!!!!

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                Re: Book recommendation!!

                Lauren, I never thought to look up book on wikipedia. Usually I just look them up on Amazon because I like to see how others rate them. The book starts off the first couple of short chapters with death as the narrator. If you can get past the first few chapter (kind of strange) most of the novel is in third person and is really great. The book gives you a lot to think about.