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have you seen hancock..

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  • have you seen hancock..

    the will smith dd saw last week..she said will smith was great..but the story line was pretty weak..she also seen wallee and loved it..

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    Re: have you seen hancock..

    We saw Hancock on Friday. It was just ok for us. Will is an excellent actor.
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      Re: have you seen hancock..

      Anglebutterfly...........those are the EXACT the same comments my daughter and her boyfriend made about Hancock and they too both loved Wallee.

      DD's boyfriend just graduated with a Bachelor's degree from a specialty college in Orlando, FL called Full Sail. He is trying to get a job as a computer animation rigger. So when we all go to see the movies with special effects like Wallee, 300, etc., we have to wait until the movie is over to ask him "how they did this and that", lol. It's VERY interesting stuff to listen to when you hear him in detail.
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