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    We just got back yesterday afternoon from Destin. We had a great time. The house was amazing. We had four families--so it was great to spend the extra time together. The weather was great, only a little rain on the last day. The first two days at the beach was nice. The water was so clear. The rest of the days--there was a ton of seaweed in the water and it was a little on the rough side. One of the neighbors said that the seaweed was bad this time of year. There were tons of things to do--shopping Overall, I would give Destin a 10. Our flight home was a bit bumpy--which was scary to me. Later, DS said that was due to the storms below us. Had I known that, I wouldn't have been such a baby.

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    Re: Back from Destin

    Destin is so beautiful! Glad you had a good time even with the seaweed. Haven't been there in ages, but have heard the shopping is good there. Glad you're home safe and sound.


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      Re: Back from Destin

      Wasn't that sand simply unreal?
      "What fresh hell is this?" Dorothy Parker


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        Re: Back from Destin

        Did you all go out to eat?


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          Re: Back from Destin

          Yes, we did eat out. We ate at a few seafood places, and a couple other restaurants and breakfast about 3 times. We ate in a couple times. DD#2 had strep throat, so I stayed in with her that day and DH went and picked up food. We are all ready to go back. It was so much fun with everybody there.