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Our A/C is out at work

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  • Our A/C is out at work

    Its been this way for 2 days. The repair man is coming this afternoon. If I didn't have so much work to do I'd leave! The heat is making me nauseous ... bla!
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    Re: Our A/C is out at work

    YIKES! Cant you walk out or something?
    I remember being pregnant with DD, and work lost power (a/c, vents, pc's, everything). The bosses kept making me go outside every 15mins to get "a breathe of fresh air". Everyone else didnt have that "luxury" as I recall. Later I remeber hearing that they should have sent everyone home until it was fixed...some state law...ESPECIALLY the pregnant one!!!


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      Re: Our A/C is out at work

      I feel your pain. When I worked the evening shift, it had to be the hottest afternoon/evening of the month, maintenance decided to turn off the a/c for maintenance and cleaning. We were miserable. Our bosses said there was no policy about leaving if the a/c wasn't working but the next day the big boss said we should have been sent home.
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        Re: Our A/C is out at work

        I feel your pain too. Only the AC isn't out at work (although it's a fairly new building and already it smells musty and moldy when the AC is on so that's not pleasant!). My AC was out for 1 1/2 months at home and was just finally re-installed Friday and yesterday. Thank God because we are about to have a heat wave again for the next week starting tomorrow.

        The old one died due to the last heat wave we had in the beginning of June. It was awful this past 1 1/2 months because no matter who we called they either did not get back to us or they couldn't come for about a month. Luckily, a neighbor who used to work for the HVAC company that installed this new one got us through all the red tape, but we STILL had to wait so long.

        Our old system was 25 years old and we feel blessed to have had it work that long, but it went without warning so we couldn't even prepare had we wanted to. I've lost a lot of sleep due to the heat and had the nausea thing going on too. Most days my one DS and I has headaches too but my other DS and DH were lucky.

        Hope things come to a resolve soon for you and your co-workers!!!!
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          Re: Our A/C is out at work

          Ro, worked in Largo for 18 years --our A/C went out twice one summer -- windows did not open and it was MURDER! My sympathies BIG TIME to you. I remember dressing so casual during the end of one those sessions. Fans don't cut it in a hot building in the summer in Florida .. or probably nearly anywhere else .


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            Re: Our A/C is out at work

            You guys have air conditioning!!!! Lucky you! Okay, I have to admit, it was only 88 here today, but our humidity-feels like you are swimming.