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  • Cindy about your teeth

    I went to Perodionist and had a bone graft on one tooth but it was a 5.5 then he said let's do the tooth in front of it and behind it for a root cleaning, OK then he said well let's do the 3 above it since it is on the same side and they seem to need it. I know what you mean about pain he gave me motrin 800 for day time & oxycodone for night time. I only took one. It has been 6 weeks went back after 2 weeks & he was happy so I go back again in another 2 weeks. I can not eat bread (but cheated because it is all on the same side) still got a good side to eat. I have not bitten into anything unless I use a fork & knife, can't eat anything with seeds or spicy sauce. Cindy my side is still sore, not as bad as the beginning, I can't brush on that side of my mouth, just use listerine. A few times a day I use warm water & salt. They really dig down and I think this is going to take awhile for this to heal. I am lucky that it is all on one side. I want to bite into a sandwich so bad. I know how you feel.

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    Re: Cindy about your teeth

    OUCH! I didn't have to have any bone grafts, but I have heard they are a lot of work. I am not allowed to floss on the side they just finished for 3 days. For someone that is addicted to flossing it drives me crazy! After I had the first side done it was sore back there for over a week. This side is fine already there is no pain left at all. I don't think she had to go so deep this time and I am okay with that!!! I have my follow-up appointment in 6 weeks I guess to see if the pockets have closed up. I sure hope they do so I don't have to go through this again.

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