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  • copykats from Oklahoma and others

    I live south of Muskogee about 35 miles and was wondering if anyone would be interested in those of us that could, meet in Oklahoma somewhere, (doesnt have to be here but thought that would be neat if we could meet. We need to find a place with a grocery store close by and also a place where we could cook our specialities . I was thinking the lake would be a good place this fall? .. and certainly not Oklahoma only, as many as we can possibly have! what are ya'lls thoughts on this? The more the better.Tenkiller has cabins, not sure how many if we wanted to make it an all day and night. Tell me what ya thinnk. It wont hurt my feelings if you are too busy or cant do it right now, that's ok, np. '
    Gimme your thought.....

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    Re: copykats from Oklahoma and others

    Hi Trish,
    I am from Oklahoma. I would love to do a CK throw down, but I will tell you that Fall and Spring will be out for me. Once school starts I am pretty much done. I don't even get to play as much on here. I might be interested in doing something next summer?
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      Re: copykats from Oklahoma and others

      I'm in N. Central Tx, I'd love to meet. I'm going to try to plan a meet also, in Ft. Worth. On Sept 5-7, they're having the Zest Fest 2008 at the Will Rogers Memorial Center. I'd like to meet somethime that weekend before/during/after withever, or all three. If you want to know more about it, go to

      Just let me know, and I'll try to make it. Just needs to be on a weekend, which I'm sure it would be anyway! lol
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