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  • Where do you store your.......

    Where do you store your potatoes and onions? I have a screened in porch in the front that we really don't use and will sit them out there, but when it is extremely hot, which it is now, I don't like to do that. They end up going bad. What do you all do??

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    Re: Where do you store your.......

    I keep mine in a wooden potato/onion bin in the kitchen. I've heard too that you are not supposed to store spuds and onions together?
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      Re: Where do you store your.......

      I store them in a hanging wire basket in the kitchen.....It is WAY TOO HOT for a Texan to store 'em outside!


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        Re: Where do you store your.......

        My potatoes are in the cupboard, in the dark and my onions are in the fridge.
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          Re: Where do you store your.......

          Well, I guess I will be looking for a hanging basket or a bin. Thanks!!


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            Re: Where do you store your.......

            In the bottom of my pantry.
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              Re: Where do you store your.......

              My onions and potatoes go in the vegetable drawer of my refrig.


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                Re: Where do you store your.......

                This is what I found

                Storing Guide for Potatoes
                We have provided the best ways in which potatoes can be stored at home and made to last a long time, without becoming sweet, turning green or sprouting.

                Before storing the potatoes, put them in a paper bag with holes in it. Avoid using plastic bags, as they tend to increases condensation and thus, lead to development of mold.

                Potatoes should always be stored at a place which is cool, dark and has lots of ventilation. One of the best options is to store the potatoes in a root cellar.

                Avoid storing the potatoes in a pantry, as it may lead to their sprouting and dehydration.

                Potatoes should not be in the refrigerator, especially below a temperature of 7 deg C. This is because below this temperature they develop a sweet taste and get darkened when they are cooked.

                The ideal temperature at which potatoes should be stored is somewhere around 7- 10 deg C.

                Never ever store potatoes along with onions. When the two of them are put together, they produce certain gases that spoil both of them.

                Mature potatoes should not be stored for more than 2 months, while the new ones should be consumed within 1 week.

                Sweet potatoes should be stored for a maximum period of one week only, since they are very delicate.

                Never ever keep the potatoes in direct sunlight. Infact, keep them away from prolonged exposure to light. If exposed to light for too long, they become green, develop a bitter taste and might become toxic.

                Keep on checking the stored potatoes every few days. The moment you see a soft, shriveled or sprouted potato, remove it from the storage area.


                Things You’ll Need:
                Fresh, dry onions
                Used or new pantyhose
                Step1 Purchase your choice of whole, dry fresh onions at the market. Remove any shoots or dry, flaking skin and loose matter.

                Step2 Take a washed pair of used or new pantyhose and place the onions into the feet.

                Step3 Tie a knot in the pantyhose above each whole onion. Repeat this process until both legs are full or you have inserted all the onions.

                Step4 Hang the pantyhose in a cool, dry and dark place, such as a pantry, closet or cellar. When you need an onion, simply cut the hose right below the end knot.


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                  Re: Where do you store your.......

                  I store mine in a wooden "Tater box". I keep the potatoes in the top and there's a pull out drawer on the bottom that I keep the onions in

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                    Re: Where do you store your.......

                    We have a bi-level house, and under the stairs I have a large closet, this is where I keep my potatoes and onions. Except for right now when it is very hot, it is the best place for them-usually dark and usually not too warm or cold. I do have trouble storing them in the summer-so I try to not to buy too many ahead in the summer-but come this fall-I will get another big bag


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                      Re: Where do you store your.......

                      I have a plastic bin that I keep in the bottom of my pantry .... it's not solid... has slits for good ventilation.


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                        Re: Where do you store your.......

                        I know that you are not supposed to do that, but reality is, that it is very hot here and they just don't keep well unless put both in the refrigerator. I have learned the hard way not to keep to many on hand, just enough for a few meals. So they don't stay in the fridge very long.
                        LOL, how many people have a root cellar these days ???


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                          Re: Where do you store your.......

                          I can tell you where my potatos ARENT. I bought a potato-saving bag from some kids who were selling them door-to-door for their school. Paid about $25.00 for it. It was supposedly made out of a space-age fabric that allowed the perfect conditions to keep the potatos in the bag at room temperature and they would never go bad. The bag was white on the outside. Smelled something the other day and found out it was the potato-bag, which was now brown with funk - every potato in it was rotted and stinking to high heaven. They had only been in the bag for about a week. I was livid!


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                            Re: Where do you store your.......

                            my onions are in a crisper drawer in the fridge and i only buy a couple potatoes at a time for when we are going to use them.