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I didn't get the job!

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  • I didn't get the job!

    But thats okay. I think the woman was kind of leery that I'd start my business up again being that in April I renewed my license for the next 3 yrs. I not so sure I'd have been comfortable there after seeing her home yesterday. Apparently, her husband is an avid hunter and her family room was like a taxidermy shrine! There were mounted animal heads all over the walls not to mention the birds, fish, turkeys, turtle shells, a full size black bear standing in one corner and a full size elk standing in another corner! Yikes!!!!

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    Re: I didn't get the job!

    What kind of job was it? I hear ya on the dead animals all over the place. I hated going into my friend's house where there were dead things galore. I always felt like they were looking at me!!
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      Re: I didn't get the job!

      It was a daycare place, I believe, luvs. Since she closed hers, she wants to work at someone else's place... right?

      Sorry you didn't get it, bud, but I'm sure you'll find something better than that! Everything happens for a reason.
      Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.


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        Re: I didn't get the job!

        It was another woman's daycare. I was down to my last 2 kids. One moved out of state and the other one I let go (been wanting to do THAT for a while too...very inconsiderate people).
        Bette, you're right everything happens for a reason, so I'm sure something else will come along.


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          Re: I didn't get the job!

          It will. Just hang in there. Have you thought of applying for Director or asst. director jobs with daycares instead of home day care. I bet with your experience you could get something pretty sweet??
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