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  • Rainfall record

    As of right now I can guess we've beat the record. We have had torrential rain for past several hours and it doesn't look like it will let up.

    Toronto close to setting rainfall record
    Last Updated: Wednesday, July 23, 2008 | 8:48 AM ET

    Rain is forecast to sweep across the Toronto area again on Wednesday and Environment Canada said the city is just a few millimetres away from setting a precipitation record for the months of June and July.

    Heavy thunderstorms hit southern Ontario on Tuesday night and in some areas what fell from the sky was hail.

    According to Environment Canada, 2008 has been one of the wettest summers ever in the Greater Toronto Area and it's only July. The agency said about 240 millimetres (9.5 inches) of rain has fallen since the beginning of last month.

    Another 30 millimetres (1.14 inches) would break the decades-old record of 270 millimetres (10.63 inches) of rain for the the June July period. The old record was 271.5 millimetres (10.69 inches) set in 1980.

    At the height of last summer, only about 88 millimetres (3.47 inches) had been recorded by Environment Canada.

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    Re: Rainfall record

    When you get tired of it all send some my way!
    Have you made time to listen to the birds today........


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      Re: Rainfall record

      Ruby, we have been setting records all summer for rainfall amount as well. This is actually our second summer having a lot of rain. I know a lot of people don't like it, but I do.

      Are you ok with it or are you like most of my friends and family and don't like a lot of rain?
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        Re: Rainfall record

        I would like less rain but I prefer it to extreme heat or snow


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          Re: Rainfall record

          We had a lot of rain last summer and it was so much cooler. This year we have had NO measurable rain amount since March !