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Indian saying--feathers

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  • Indian saying--feathers

    Many years ago, I saw in a store, a framed Native American 'saying', or poem, about finding feathers. Like a short story...In the years past, I have came across this once or twice more...About ten years ago, when I was under a stressful ongoing situation, I would go out and take my evening exercise walks, every once-in-awhile, picking up an unusual stone, or pretty feather, something eye-catching...Then I would notice that within a few days, whatever I was stressing on at that time, eventually worked itself with a good this point, I call them my 'good luck' feathers, but strongly believe with a few tribes here and there of long-lost Native American blood in me, that this relates to that part of my ancestry..."If" anyone has that 'story', I would greatly appreciate your sharing it...Have another 'crisis' that I am dealing with, took my walk on that extremely stressful day, and, even though I use this path in the neighborhood, and, know that the egrets feed in this second lot the neighbor has (in the early mornings that I know of), I have never seen a bird feather (he keeps his lot fenced and clean) and the county/city is pretty good at keeping the culverts clean...anyways, it is a beautiful feather, giving me peace-of-mind...Now I would like to get the Native American 'story' or 'saying', print it on nice paper, and, have it nicely framed, and, to pass on to my kids, who have a fascination with all of their cultural backgrounds, Native American at the top of the list (basically we are 'white' and we consider ourselves, my generation and theirs, 'Heinz 57's because of all the backgounds/bloodlines/ancestrys we share)...Thanks in Advance!

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    Re: Indian saying--feathers

    I found this:

    Buffalo and Feather Spirit

    What secrets do the feathers tell
    As they waft through the silent air

    Their story is one that is very old
    Messages that the shadow ones hold

    They appear before you
    As they appear before me

    While upon their flight they did fall
    To the earth as they touch us all

    When to our heart your spirit did speak
    That in which you taught us to be

    Oh Creator your breath I have seen
    As it burst forth into a mist
    From the nostrils of the buffalo in a dream
    A strong and great life giver he has been

    For all of us on this path that we do walk
    Our provider is behind us and stands tall

    In his strength and wisdom we will remain
    As he cares for us, we do the same

    Care for this feather that falls so soft
    It is the gentle nature of the spirit
    That covers the heart of the big and the small
    As is the buffalo, the spirit protects us all...

    Ah Ho!

    by Camile K. Bishop (Windsong)

    A day without laughter is a day wasted...Charlie Chaplin


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      Re: Indian saying--feathers

      So VERY LOVELY! Thank-you so much for sharing. Very Inspirational!
      Have you made time to listen to the birds today........


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        Re: Indian saying--feathers

        Loved this one! Will copy it, print it on some 'pretty' paper, frame my feather, and, hang it for inspiraton...this one will do...the other had some kind of reference to an eagle though! Thanks for taking the time for your input, I surely appreciate it!...Have A Great Day!