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Female Question: cryosurgery

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  • Female Question: cryosurgery

    I'm not sure if you all remember that back in April I had my Pap come back abnormal. I had the biopsy done and the Dr. said that I had abnormal cells that could cause precancerous cells (cervical cancer) and I should come back to have cryosurgery (freezing of the cervix).

    I haven't had the cryosurgery yet. DH and I have been talking about having another baby!! I was wondering if the freezing of the cervix will cause infertility or problems when I do decide to conceive? Should I do the cryosurgery first and wait awhile to get pregnant or have baby then do the surgery? Need some help!


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    i would really ask a medical professional questions like these. i hope you get the help and answers you need.


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      My youngest DD, one of my dil's and my sister all had this surgery in the same month.

      DD did not have any children at the time, but now has a 13 year old son.

      Dil had one DS and didn't have any more her choice.

      Sis was up in years when she had hers.

      You should still talk to you Gyne about it.
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        I don't know, but maybe go to this site and ask, the ladies are wonderful:


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          SIL had it done.....then 5 years later had another baby. I think it's an easy question you could phone your doc need for a visit to my mind.


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            My friend had this done, and she asked about this too. The doctor told her that there should be no problemconceiving children.
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              Like the others said, please consult your medical professional. I want to also say best wishes to you (((hugs)))


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                I would get a paper and write down every question you have and then go over them on your next appointment.

                Good luck to you, and keep us posted