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BB spoiler, don't peek!!!!

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  • BB spoiler, don't peek!!!!

    Ok, did you watch Big Brother?? Loved when the earthquake came, since most of them don't live in Calif & had no idea what to do. I lived in Calif for 3 yrs & still didn't know what to do either. I really thought Jesse was going. I want him out but was so suprised. Guess it will be a matter of time for him to leave, Libra, I don't know why everyone wants her out. From what I see, I don't know what she is doing for everyone to feel that way. Jerry is getting on their nerves. Jesse saying Father Time is mean & disrespectful. Another reason Jesse will soon go. Renny is been so quiet, I think she is playing the game now by keeping quiet. Can wait to see Dan do what America tells him. My two favorites are Dan & Keesha.

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    Re: BB spoiler, don't peek!!!!

    I don't watch so i'm peeking


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      Re: BB spoiler, don't peek!!!!

      I don't either... cause I'm probably the MOST outspoken about how much I hate these shows. But... the first show happened to be on when I was parked on the couch... dozing and too lazy to even change the channel and I watched it... honest to god... I did.

      I'm not interested in keeping up w/ it, but I was struck in the very first episode how everyone hides in corners or behind closed doors and whispers "be on my team" ... "let's get rid of them" ...

      I thought Jessie (is he the muscle-bound jerk?) and Renny, who was really annoying, would go very fast. I remember the old guy and felt sorry cause I didn't think he'd last so long. I also remember the gay cowboy and liked him. Don't remember anyone else... oh... wasn't there a Hooter's waitress?
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        Re: BB spoiler, don't peek!!!!

        I want Jessie & Libra booted out


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          Re: BB spoiler, don't peek!!!!

          My guess is that Paw-Paw and Memphis will go up next with Paw-paw being voted out before the Jury House starts