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  • cheft or anyone who has this-Questions

    After seeing cheft's pic of those potatoes...I want a cast iron skillet My question is after I buy do I take care of it. Do I put it in the dishwasher or just wash in the sink? I need to season it before using it and if do I do it?...not sure if season is the right sure you know what I mean. Thx for any help

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    Re: cheft or anyone who has this-Questions

    If you buy an old one or even some of the newer ones, yes, you'll need to season it, etc. But if I were you I'd look for the new ones that don't have to be seasoned. You can find lots of info on the net about caring and selecting cast iron. There are varying qualities, even in the old ones, so study up on them before buying. Some of the older pieces are quite expensive.

    My DH collects all kinds of cast irons pieces (he actually cooks with 2-3 of them) and we have a barn half full of them....all kinds of peculiar things as well as the standard skillets and pots. The only ones I use are the cornbread stick ones in funny shapes (fish, etc).

    BTW.....NO, never put one in the dishwsasher. If you care for a skillet correctly, all you have to do is wipe them out good each time you use them.


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      Re: cheft or anyone who has this-Questions

      I wash mine in the sink with soap (GASP!) and water. Dry on a hot burner and rub down with a little lard.


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        Re: cheft or anyone who has this-Questions

        just wash by hand and rub with oil before it drys. I love mine!
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          Re: cheft or anyone who has this-Questions

          Roxy - what picture of potatoes by Cheft?


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            Re: cheft or anyone who has this-Questions

            Go to tried & true..I posted a good recipe for Original Ranch Roasted Potatoes..she made it and she took a pic of it bless her heart I want a cast iron skillet now
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              Re: cheft or anyone who has this-Questions

              Never understood the "seasoning" part. What does it do when you put it in the oven? I have never done that. If it gets "accidently" wash with SOAP lol... I put a little Pam in it and heat it up on the burner. Or cook Bacon in it. I find that the pan becomes practically stick free after awhile. I just soak mine in hot water for a bit, and wipe it out, then throw it back on the burner to dry. I find if you put lard or Crisco in it, it will become Rancid if you dont use it that often.


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                Re: cheft or anyone who has this-Questions

                Go look for one of the Lodge pre-seasoned cast iron skillets. I could not live without my cast iron skillets.


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                  Re: cheft or anyone who has this-Questions

                  Here are the directions I follow...I have been enjoying my pan for years

                  Seasoning Cast Iron

                  Seasoned Cast Iron can be considered the "grandfather" to today's "non-stick" cookware.

                  Cast Iron Cookware must be seasoned properly and it will last a life-time.
                  New Pans

                  1. Heat the oven to 250 degrees - 300 degrees
                  2. Coat the pan with lard or bacon grease. Don't use a liquid vegetable oil because it will leave a sticky surface and the pan will not be properly seasoned.
                  3. Put the pan in the oven. In 15 minutes, remove the pan & pour out any excess grease. Place the pan back in the oven and bake for 2 hours.

                  Repeating this process several times is recommended as it will help create a stronger "seasoning" bond.

                  Also, when you put the pan into service, it is recommended to use it initially for foods high in fat, such as bacon or foods cooked with fat, because the grease from these foods will help strengthen the seasoning.
                  Pans needing Re-Seasoning

                  If the pan was not seasoned properly or a portion of the seasoning wore off and food sticks to the surface or there is rust, then it should be properly cleaned and re-seasoned.

                  1. Remove any food residue by cleaning the pan thoroughly with hot water and a scouring pad. I understand that heating the pan first to a temperature that is still safe to touch helps open the pores of the metal and makes it easier to clean.
                  2. Dry the pan immediately with dish towel or paper towel.
                  3. Season the pan as outlined above.

                  Caring for Cast Iron Cookware

                  Seasoning a cast iron pan is a natural way of creating non-stick cookware. And, like you cook and clean the modern non-stick cookware with special care to avoid scratching the surface, your cast iron cookware wants some special attention too.

                  * Clean the cookware while it is still hot by rinsing with hot water and scraping when necessary. *DO NOT* use a scouring pad or soap (detergent) as they will break down the pan's seasoning.

                  * Never store food in the cast iron pan as the acid in the food will breakdown the seasoning and the food will take on a metallic flavor.

                  * Store your cast iron cookware with the lids off, especially in humid weather, because if covered, moisture can build up and cause rust. Should rust appear, the pan should be re-seasoned.

                  When you purchase cast iron cookware, they are medium gray in color, but after usage, they start turning darker. (My pans are very black in color.) This is normal and should be expected.
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                    Re: cheft or anyone who has this-Questions

                    Thx cheft I will get these priinted out you are a gem love ya


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                      Re: cheft or anyone who has this-Questions

                      We love ours... all our frying pans are cast iron. I use the small brown plastic thing from Pampered Chef to clean it w/ super hot water. I've seen those plastic scrapers in stores too.
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