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I need help with scorch mark

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  • I need help with scorch mark

    Does anyone have advise for removing a scorch mark from the black 'slinky' material in the Travelers clothes from Chico's? The clothes are made of 95% acetate and 5% spandex. I didn't read on the label that you are not supposed to iron them - I didn't exactly iron - I put a hanky on the wrinkle and then used the steam from the iron to remove the wrinkle. This left a scorch mark on my favorite jacket where the seams are especially. I am really sick about this and would really appreciate any help anyone can give me. I asked at the store but they said they didn't know how to do anything like that. Thanks in advance!!!


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    Re: I need help with scorch mark

    I found this article...sounds like with this type of material it doesn't have much chance.

    Scorch Marks Removal from Clothing
    Scorch marks are rarely fixable. Try rinsing the item in cold water. Work detergent into stain. Rinse. Bleach might remove the stain, but assuming the fabric is not white, would likely ruin your clothes. You may also want to try cleaning the stain with dry-cleaning solvent or sponging the area with 3% hydrogen peroxide. Unfortunately, this stain may be impossible to remove. If the fabric is delicate, such as rayon or acetate and the iron was set too high, you may have melted the fibers, in which case it can not be fixed.
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      Re: I need help with scorch mark

      thank you - that's what I was afraid of!