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Baby Themed Foods?!

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  • Baby Themed Foods?!

    A good friend is due to have her baby boy any day! I would like to take her a welcome home dinner that is baby themed! Any ideas? So far I have come up with: Baby back ribs, baby carrots, little baby tomatoes and Baby Ruth bars!! Any other cute "baby" themed ideas would be appreciated! Thanks!

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    Re: Baby Themed Foods?!

    A box of Mr Christie's Arrowroot Cookies

    Some baby 'New' potatoes boiled and tossed in butter and fresh dill...Gosh I love those
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      Re: Baby Themed Foods?!

      What about the Baby corn on the cob like you get at the chinese Restaurant in Chinese restaurants? Baby Bibb Lettuce cups? Sounds like a really cute and sweet idea. Let us know how it goes! Have fun!
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        Re: Baby Themed Foods?!

        Thanks for the ideas! I love the little baby corn.. how cute!


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          Re: Baby Themed Foods?!

          Baby quiche

          SERVES 6

          1 package grands flakey biscuits
          1/2 lb breakfast sausage
          1/3 cup chopped onion
          5 eggs, soft scrambled
          shredded cheddar cheese
          Spray custard cups and press biscuit to form crust.
          Brown sausage and onions- drain.
          Soft scramble eggs.
          Mix sausage onion and eggs.
          Add mixture to prepared custard cups and top with cheese.
          Bake 350 until crust is lightly browned.