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    No chat box ...and I never even used the one on the old board!!!

    Oh well...I have my messenger! anyone miss the chat box?

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    I never chatted in the box.. It sounded fun tho.


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      I had planned on trying it out sometime.


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        I tryed using the chat room in the old bored, but it's hard to chat when your the only one in the room.


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          I was wondering about that here??? There is IM'ing but I wondered if it was only via MSN, Yahoo, etc. Anyone????
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            as i put in another post, go and join:


            dont take long, and since i am on vacation, u should be able to join quickly. there is a chat room and a photo gallery. we have a lot of memembers there, tho the place is a little dusty since it hasnt been used much lately. so, first one there, bring the pledge chop

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              Having been on several message boards identical to this one, there could be an option for Stephanie to install a Shout Box that would appear on the main page of the forums. It could appear either at the bottom or the top and is a live chat - kinda like a quick "hello" box but you could certainly carry on a conversation.


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                I was wondering about this too

                I was also wondering about what is happening with the whole chat room thing. I really got to know some people better in here through chatting in real time with some Ckers.


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                  You know that chat room was never utilitzed. I might suggest that y'all pick an instant messenger service, and add those into your profile, and maybe you can chat in realtime that way.