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  • Little MADALINE sightings

    It was reported today that the brussles (I think Brussels...DS was screaming in my ear) have a picture of a little girl they believe is little Maddy...the parents have sent the investigative team over and they are hopeful the girl will be found alive. She was walking hand in hand with a woman (unknown to the family). Aparently the have been many "sightings" of this girl in Brussles (again, I think Brussles).

    I REALLY hope this isnt just another hoax...I REALLY hope for the girls sake.

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    Re: Little MADALINE sightings

    There have been several sightings in different parts of Europe, I believe it when they find her.


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      Re: Little MADALINE sightings

      Personally, I think it's a hoax and that the parents are involved.


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        Re: Little MADALINE sightings

        You know the parents are involved !! Who in their right mind would leave their children alone like that and go eat and party. I keep wondering if the parents are the ones who starts all the hoaxes...


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          Re: Little MADALINE sightings

          looooot of little girls out there with blonde hair and blue eyes.
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