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  • If you haven't tried

    Ok, so if you haven't tried the recipe for "Pecan Pie Muffins" you absolutely have to do this!!!! They are FAbulous! And so so easy to make.

    I doubled the recipe and then I made the minis and I had about 92 mini muffins, in about an hour and 1/2.


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    Re: If you haven't tried

    I'm glad you liked them. I got the recipe from a little ole man, who is a patient at our clinic. He brought in some for us. And I threatened the receptionist with her life if she didn't get the recipe for me. I didn't know him, because he isn't my patient. But, she knew him well!!!
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      Re: If you haven't tried

      I've been wanting to try them since Nu posted it...just haven't had time or more like the energy.
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        Re: If you haven't tried

        Thanks to that little cup of brown sugar question I will also get to try them
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          Re: If you haven't tried

          Yum I made these in a lo carb version yesterday and they are the best! Thanks for the recipe.