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  • Hi Everyone! Long Time No Be Here!

    Hi everyone! I miss you all! I don't get on here much except to look for a recipe now and them. I have been very busy at work, (still only part time though) and I started selling stuff on E-Bay which has been very time consuming.(sold Harley Davidson parts to people in Sweden and the Check Republic! )I am selling for Patrick's son in law (ex SIL as of last week ) I get 30 percent and it has been a nice little extra income. I am at a standstill at the moment. I think Patrick told him to tell me he didn't want to sell for a little bit because things were going by the way side at home. I just re decorated and re arranged 3 rooms here and am still not done. I am about to get into it again.

    Anyhow, I am in this contest from one of my contacts on myspace for cake/pastry decorating. Your friends pick the winner. If you click on the link below it will take you there.
    Well, I have to get ready for work now. I will try to visit more often and catch up with you all. Take Care Michelle. (P.S. for those of you with myspace you can see some of my current pics there, got a new one of me and Patrick when we went to the Sandford zoo near Orlando about a mont or so ago. Go to : www.myspace.com/michellemybelle622 and click on pics and go to the different albums.

    To all my friends:
    I am in a cake/dessert decorating contest . I f you click on the link below and go to it on the left hand side of you screen you will see my name (Michelle ...haha!)
    Even though it says Michelle's cake, it kinda is, it's from cake mix and they are mini cakes, ie: cupcakes. I am not the only one who included cupcakes.

    I am not saying it took nearly as much skill, knowledge or talent to make what I made, nor am I saying it is as good as some of my friends on there, but it did take creativity and what the hell! You are MY friends ,so............Vote for me and please!!!!! Only vote once, or your vote will be disqualified and so will I.

    Thank you for being a friend! Michelle

    http://cakerysupplies. homestead. com/index. html
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    Re: Hi Everyone! Long Time No Be Here!

    Never mind.....lol....you pm'd me before I could finish writing my message.

    Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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      Re: Hi Everyone! Long Time No Be Here!

      Great to see you again. I know your busy, but you need to check in more often!!!
      "Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent." ~Eleanor Roosevelt