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Keeping mouth shut DD & the boyfriend

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  • Keeping mouth shut DD & the boyfriend

    DD is almost 20 now going off to college , b/f I do like him but seems to have many problems. Car is always in the shop, this sesmester she has no car. So wonder how that will work out. He is going to com. college & her in state college. He realy hates school. I think he may drop out. Hope he does make it. It will cost him in gas. She is always going to see him, we pay for the gas, Think when she gets down there no car she will figure it out.I think this will soon be over & she willl be upset but she has to continue on. I see things happen and not good for her. She will make friends. No car or freedom, got to see things are all within walking distance, he needs to drive down, I really don't think he can. I see heartbreak coming.

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    Re: Keeping mouth shut DD & the boyfriend

    Either they break up, or it will really cement the relationship, nowadays with the internet and cell phones, you could stay in contact easily, just see each other at Thanksgiving and Christmas, etc.