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  • Needers!!!!?????

    Just wondered how things where going with you?? How is DD doing with handling everything??

    Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you!!!!!
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    Re: Needers!!!!?????

    Hey Girly, She was having a hard time getting money scraped up to have him cremated. She wanted to a have a viewing for a few hours also. She asked the Gramma, and she gave Monica a hard time about it. Stated that she wasnt going to pay for a "lavish" funeral and would only pay for a cremation. She stated that he doesnt deserve anything else because of the way he lived his life. Mind you, she probably has a half million in the bank, or more. Monica has it arranged so that 5 friends/family could see him for 30 min. Well, the family that did nothing but run him into the ground, didnt want anything to do with him, including his Mother, want to be there. So, Im not going, and his close close friends cant go. Im going to tell my daughter, if they start running their mouths at the funeral home about him to state "Is this why you came?? To get one last slam on him??" I told DD that his mother only wants to be there to get her "Moneys worth". She didnt want to pay for a viewing for a few hours, because "he didnt deserve it", but wants to be there for that 30 minutes now. When I found this out, I felt like was going to throw up all last night.


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      Re: Needers!!!!?????

      So very sad Needers! (((God Bless)))
      Have you made time to listen to the birds today........