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Dishwasher dilema

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  • Dishwasher dilema

    I have a really nice Kitchen Aid Superba. I also have really hard water. My dishes never come out clean. They come out covered in this gook. And this gook happens to be strewn about all over inside the dishwasher too. So DH took apart a bunch of things on the inside so I could deep clean it. I have tried every store bought remedy and some 'how to clean anything' tips. Nothing works. I didn't buy this dishwasher. It came with our house when we bought it. It's a newer one too. All stainless steel inside and energy star so it's not old. All of the cycles seem to run and it dries just fine...which I don't really want. I have to rinse off my dishes and dry them myself or they have the gook dried on and it's really hard to get off then. So I really have only used my dishwasher like 10x since we moved in less than 2 years ago. Is there a way to remove the tracks that hold the racks? There is this gook dried on behind the moveable parts...that no matter what tool I use to get in there it just won't get in behind there. DH thinks if I get rid of all this gook that it will solve my prob. He thinks it's just redistributing itself during every cycle. Maybe, but I think the prob is bigger. It's too much gook to be just bits here and there from what's already inside washer. Ya know? HELP!

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    Re: Dishwasher dilema

    Yup, you are correct, bigger problem than just cleaning it out. We had this problem when we bought our current home, it had well water, very hard and salty. Left that white crud on dishes, etched and flimed glassware. I only used dishwasher a few times and didn't like results so hand washed for the 2 months until our city finsihed installing water, sewer, etc. I could not find anything that would eliminate the crud. You need to talk to someone about a softening system, that might eliminate it. Not sure that would solve the problem.

    Good luck, it is a nasty problem. I am so glad we are on city water and sewer system.

    Our water was so bad a new dishwasher, disposal, washing machine and sump pump would only has 2 to 3 years. I promptly bought new appliances as soon as city water was installed.


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      Re: Dishwasher dilema

      White Vinegar works wonders. Here is a site to ck out.

      Heloise has an answer for all!!!!!!!
      Hope this helps.

      Food Gal