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  • ok - I give ;)

    Just got back from vacation...and no ones on! Its 11:15 Saturday night...where is everybody? (I feel like that Luftansa commercial )

    We spent 4 days in Lancaster and 3 days in Hershey...Hershey SUCKED (except for the chocolate tour, of course ) Next year we are staying in Lancaster the week.
    Lancaster is laid back, shopping, cute amusement park with just the right sized waterpark inside, DS was welcomed on all the rides with his handicap. They made EVERY attempt to make him (and us) feel at home. It's still a safe place. food is FRESH, and GOOD! Farmstands everywhere, and FABULOUS woodworking...the kind of stuff you just dont get in NY (well, on MY income anyway)

    Hershey was over-crowded, over-priced, over-hyped, and over-heated!!!! We ran into a couple who said they waited on the new "farenheit" ride line for over 2 hours...they were 10mins from riding when the park closed the ride for "inspections"...everyone was told to exit the line, and they didnt even get a time stamp to return or anything!!! It was difficult with my DS to get him on ANY ride. We were told to enter thru the "exit"...but there was never an attendant at the "exit" to let us in. It was mass confusion and I sware we were there 6hrs and only made it to 3 rides!!!! I also had a hard time at the hotel we stayed at (country inn and suites, 8000 Jonestown rd, Harrisburg PA...DONT stay there!!!) Our room smelled of mold from the A/C vent...the pull out bed was BROKEN, and we spent 3 days there the maid only cleaned out the small trash bin by the desk SHE NEVER EVEN MADE THE BED!!!! I complained and they compted me ONE NIGHT STAY...BIG DEAL!

    Anyway...all in all it was nice journey, you live and learn...

    What have YOU ALL been up to...hmmmmmmm?

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    Re: ok - I give

    I made a new friend today, from freecycle lol.. went to a concert, a baseball game, dinner, then shopping at sam's club, then drove an hour and a half home.

    i'm going to bed. see ya tomorrow, i'll catch up then !!
    I just hold on tighter, to a hand that's stronger...he knows my every thought, he clears my weary heart, and hold's on tighter...


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      Re: ok - I give

      you are one free-wheelin kinda girl