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weekend highs? weekend lows?

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  • weekend highs? weekend lows?

    do you have just one? or several?

    over all ? how was your weekend?

    finished my cooking
    had a great visit with aunt cousin julie, and the two cousn nephews.
    went to a concert, that was amazing.
    went to the astros game. had the best seasts ever.
    spent the whole weekend with my husband.
    ate dinner at one of my top 5 restaurants.

    all the house chores did not get done.
    dryer quit heating? it's still under warranty.
    compnay left.
    the weekend is over now. i didn't want it to end.

    what about you?
    I just hold on tighter, to a hand that's stronger...he knows my every thought, he clears my weary heart, and hold's on tighter...

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    Re: weekend highs? weekend lows?

    Spent Friday evening and most of yesterday with DD and her very good friend (who was a bridesmaid for DD) We went to St. Jacob's market (huge farmer's market about 45 minutes from us) and had a blast.

    DH got all but 4 kitchen cupboard doors put on (they still need to be built because of plan changes) Kitchen is absolutely gorgeous.

    DH got the garage cleaned out (left over crap and wood from the kitchen demolition) We can now park both vehicles in the garage--for the first time in 7 weeks.

    I got 'some' of the mowing done

    DD's friend asked me to put a backing on a blanket she had embroidered for a baby gift. Huge huge headache because of the material she chose. I worked until 9 pm on Fri. night and still wasn't completely happy with the result. (But DD and friend loved it so I guess that was a sort of high/low) Moral of the story--never advertise the fact that you are sewing machine literate.

    My good Janome (sewing machine) has a problem. Argggh I have a pile of sewing to do this week. Thank goodness I have a base-model Singer as a back-up because I think my Janome needs to go to the sewing machine hospital.

    I only got a little mowing done. Still have a good acre to do and they are calling for more rain/thunderstorms this week.

    I didn't get any wood moved to the woodshed (had hoped for a load or two) just more work for this week.

    It is only 4 weeks until we go to South Carolina for a week's vacation!!!! (And I guess one more low too) I have sooooo much to accomplish before we leave!!!
    Communicate. It can't make things any worse!


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      Re: weekend highs? weekend lows?

      NO highs. no lows. Just another ordinary weekend, which is just fine with me.
      Next weekend this time I will be in Las Vegas, oh yes, can't wait. talk about highs.


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        Re: weekend highs? weekend lows?

        The low is the third low fat cake I made ending up in the garbage .... the high is arranging my shelves of Tupperware.
        I don't want buns of steel. I want buns of cinnamon !!!


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          Re: weekend highs? weekend lows?

          The highs:

          We had our GS Award banquet. The girls had a great day swimming, eating, and just having fun.

          Saturday night: My brother and SIL came over and we played cards.

          Sunday: Our GS troop placed a granite plaque at the foot of a tree that we planted for a little girl we lost tragically last Spring that went to our children's school. This really was also a Low because it was such a sad moment as well.

          The best high : Eating dinner out at Chili's with my family. Very relaxing after a busy weekend.
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            Re: weekend highs? weekend lows?

            Kids both won a trophy in their bowling league.
            we knew DD was getting one cause she was only girl so of course she won highest score for the girls. and DS got trophy for most improved average!!
            I made the best supper tonite. BBQ chix breasts, mustard greens & mashed tators. Anytime DH raves about a meal I just burst with pride.

            Today DH was hungover & tired... Me.. tired so we both took our daily teasing wrong and were snappy at each other.


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              Re: weekend highs? weekend lows?

     usual weekend household, laundry, grocery shopping and such.........on Monday's when they ask me how my weekend was I always respond by saying ......"weekends usually end up just being an extension of my work week"!!!!

              Highs........just got back from the most interesting musical/play I've ever had the privilege of was held in a barn out in the middle of practically no where........very rustic and humble settings. What's so special about this musical is that it was written primarily by one of my son's college room mates, who is still a very close friend of his. It was VERY creative, funny and just darn awesome!!!!! He did have help from two other buddies, but he was the primary person who write the script, musical score, etc. He wanted my son to be the sound technician since my son's Bachelors Degree from college in Music Recording Technology.

              The musical ran Friday, Saturday and Sunday this week and another show is scheduled for next Friday evening as well. So far, they have had 200 people in total come out for it and who knows what the turn out might be next Friday!!!

              We were all so impressed and it even got coverage in the local newspaper. After it's run, they want to get it copy-righted and refine the script and music a bit. So, who knows, local rustic theater now, Broadway down the road????!!!!! So proud of them all...........and to think they only just started writing it in June 2008!!!!
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                Re: weekend highs? weekend lows?

                adding a high.........

                DH surprised me with a date night.
                he's just so amazing.
                I just hold on tighter, to a hand that's stronger...he knows my every thought, he clears my weary heart, and hold's on tighter...


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                  Re: weekend highs? weekend lows?

                  Only a High here...
                  I went to Bingo with a friend and won $300!!! Never won before! I LOVED IT!!!!
                  Other than that just an average weekend.
                  Have you made time to listen to the birds today........


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                    Re: weekend highs? weekend lows?

                    High - got my laundry done
                    Bought a new bathingsuit (high & low LOL)
                    Got all my shopping done for my trip (I hope)
                    Made a couple more necklaces - interesting new design I took a class on last week. It is a done with a spiral stitch - very pretty, very adaptable, very intricate and can be done in so many colours. I have to figure out how to make earrings for it though.

                    Lows - Funeral for a friend that just died last week from cancer. It was one caused by asbestos inhalation and from what the daughter found out from the specialist is that even if they'd caught it earlier there was nothing they could have done except put her through some painful procedures that wouldn't have helped anyway.

                    Didn't get all my chores done but can finish them off tonight or tomorrow.


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                      Re: weekend highs? weekend lows?

                      High's- ???? Played With Grandson Most Of The Day Yesterday, Everyone's Healthy, I Woke Up And Not In The Obituaries!

                      Lows- Gs Had Fever, Thinks Has Ear Inf, Going To Dr This Am.

                      Not A Personal Low, But One Of My Patients I've Known For 12 Yrs Was Murdered Friday Night, Some Scum Bag Went To The Store She Worked At, Robbed It, Kidnapped Her, Murdered Her, Cut Her Up And Burned Her!!! But...had Very Good Survalience Videos That Area Police Recognized Him, And Arrested Him!!! Her Grandson Usually Spent The Evenings With Her At The Store, And Thank God He Wasn't There That Evening.
                      "Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent." ~Eleanor Roosevelt


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                        Re: weekend highs? weekend lows?

                        wknd highs: weather was awesome, beach party was alot of fun

                        wknd low: made waaay too much potato salad after all my worrying and struggling and, more than HALF! was left over
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