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  • Well.....I wonder

    I wonder what tonight will bring when I play backgammon on the puter....been cooking all day..going to rest for a half hour..then finally take a shower and have a beer and play backgammon. I like to play in the tournaments...but..if I get beat...I go and play at another site..but, it is only single matches..not tournaments. Lets see...last night I was called a b_tch because I got good rolls of the dice and had alot of blocks set up and beat their you know what...then the next game..a different player left the game because I was winning and so I started another game and then I got called a really really bad name and they left too. I don't get it..it is just a game and every player gets lucky..they just have to know how to use the luck they get. I used to leave a match if a player got b_tchy..but..my hon said to quit doing that because I won't get points for it and it should give me more incentive to beat them...so now I behave..drink more beer lol and take the grouchos remarks and I just don't say anything to them when they b-tch. I think that gets them back even better because they are looking to get a reaction and hope I lose my focus on the match. Now when they b-tch -it inspires me to kick their arse more lol
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