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    Re: What's in your fridge?

    Stella, you need to get a job as a personal chef with how stocked and organized you seem to be. I'd be a lot more organized with meals if I could just talk DH into getting another chest or upright freezer. He seems to be on this kick for awhile now of liking to run to our local grocery store more frequently to get "fresher" meats and veggies, etc. "Eating fresh" is ok, but personally, I don't like to have to go every single night after work just to get "fresh"!!!! I used to do the freezer meals a lot until my old chest freezer died........he's even been making me go less and less to Sams and Costco just to cut back on groceries!!! I LOVE to go to Sams and Costco!!
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      Re: What's in your fridge?

      it's a brand ne chest freezer I sold my upright avacado green one

      i think it's 15 cubit feet?? most of my meals are frozen in ziplocks, once frozen they are stood up like a book, the swiss steak, the italian chicken, taco meat, chicken spaghetti, not everything is bulky. and alot of things are in those 4 quart ice cream buckets.
      (fiesta soup, chili, gumbo, spaghetti, corn and shrimp soup, and 2 potato soups)
      some stuff is in pans, like the lasagna, enchilidas... thanks to DH he packed it so well.

      I freezer cook. cook once a month for 30 days.
      I owe it all to a internet friend who i bugged for a year, and then bought the book, and looked at it ( didn't read it, i only looked at it lol) for 5 months. finally dove in 5 years ago.

      been blessed ever since. check it out.
      I just hold on tighter, to a hand that's stronger...he knows my every thought, he clears my weary heart, and hold's on tighter...


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        Re: What's in your fridge?

        kru, hahaha

        i am normally lazy. i am completely dis organized.
        I have helped tons of people get started. via internet and emails, or going through step by step with them. it's the 30 day gourmet web site, who gets all the credit, just like weight watchers, if you work it correctly it'll work for you. 30 day gourmet has it all set up and lined out for you easily. spread sheets and organized shopping lists....

        I am always thrilled to help anyone see how it's done. the book overwhelmed me for months. finally i jumped in, messed it up a few times lived and learned, i would have loved to have someone walk through it with me. lol.
        I just hold on tighter, to a hand that's stronger...he knows my every thought, he clears my weary heart, and hold's on tighter...


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          Re: What's in your fridge?

          Oh ladies, you really do not want to know what is in my fridge. I need to do a super clean-up. With our kitchen reno going on, my fridge has gone awol. But the reno is almost done. I really hate having out of date stuff in my fridge (even tho, if you turn yoghurt and sour cream upside down, they will last at least 2 weeks past the best before date).

          And left-overs are what I live on during the week. DH is gone from Monday to Friday, so I cook mostly on the weekends and eat mostly leftovers during the week.

          Now that my kitchen is almost back to normal, I need to make triple batches of baked beans, chili, and chicken curry for the freezer. I love Ziplock containers!!
          Communicate. It can't make things any worse!


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            Re: What's in your fridge?

            oh jeez, this is making my mind work

            I'll start with the usual ketchup, mustard(several different kinds), mayo(also miracle whip), relish, all the condiments etc. But that is a lot. Probably takes up half of my fridge. I mostly try new things and then never have them again so a bunch of stuff used once sits in my fridge never to be touched again.
            1 1/2 bottles of ranch dressing
            1 1/2 bottles of sun-dried tomato parmesan italian dressing
            1/2 a bottle thousand island dressing (for those times when I get the craving for a reuben and by that time, I have to buy a whole new bottle anyway
            lemon pepper marinade
            a brick of pepper jack cheese
            a new package of cheese slices
            3 cans crescent roll dough
            a can of Mt. Dw
            a can of Ginger Ale
            3 cans SoBe Energy drink
            huge bowl of watermelon salad
            1/2 dozen eggs
            1/4 gallon milk
            orange juice concentrate (I think that is bad, I just haven't gotten rid of it yet)
            4 left of a 6 pack of Hard Lemonade (prob. last the whole week)
            um........jar of jalapeno's
            ...........2 liters of fruit punch
            baby carrots
            shredded carrots
            a bag of salad
            3 green peppers
            1 1/2 seedless cucumbers
            leftover pork chop
            container of shredded parmesan cheese
            package of cheddar cheese
            2 lbs. butter
            1/2 pkg. margarine
            3 kinds of jelly (because the kids can't BOTH like the same kinds)
            dill pickles
            a few other things I am sure I am not thinking of right now.........

            AND WORMS!!!


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              Re: What's in your fridge?

              Worms??? Are these leftovers from a fishing trip? Or are you going to start eating like a Survivor contestant?
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                Re: What's in your fridge?

                I'll bet the worms are to feed a critter, right? I hope...


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                  Re: What's in your fridge?

                  Fridge #1
                  1/2 galmilk
                  orange juice
                  grape juice
                  4 bottles salad dressings
                  3 jars pickles
                  1 jar sweet peppers
                  1 strawberry jam
                  1 grape jam
                  1 blackberry jam
                  1 carton sour cream
                  1 carton cottage cheese
                  3 doz. eggs
                  2lbs bacon
                  1/2 box sausage patties (about 12)
                  1 block cream cheese, 2pkgs slice american cheese
                  2 blocks sharp cheddar
                  2 pkgs shredded mozzarella cheese
                  2 canisters grated parmesan
                  1/2 lg. bowl veggie soup
                  1 bowl mac'n'tomates
                  1/2 jar spaghetti sauce
                  oranges and apples in one crisper
                  celery.carrots, rutabagas in another.
                  1Żlbs butter
                  1lb. carton promise
                  2 lb carton other brand margarine
                  fridge #2
                  6 -12 pks, soda
                  1 case water
                  humming bird nectar
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                  I organize chores into catagories.
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                    Re: What's in your fridge?

                    Chocolate syrup
                    mustard greens
                    C-Boost juice
                    marinated artichokes
                    Almond milk
                    Butter and margarine
                    half onion
                    choke from an artichoke
                    lime, lemon
                    fresh garlic and ginger
                    2 mustards
                    Hazelnut oil
                    Salad dressings, HP Sauce from England, steak sauce, katsup, BBQ sauce, fish sauce, green curry paste, Tamarind paste, salsa, Soyaki, ground chili in soya oil, Sriracha sauce, Thai peanut chili sauce, pizza sauce
                    Saurkraut, relish, mayo
                    Fresh tofu from the Asian market
                    Sourdough starter in a jar
                    green onions, zucchini that is probably too old, cukes, red and green bell peppers
                    homemade chili
                    coffees(including vanilla ghiradelli)
                    Cinnamon Bun Coffee mate (best coffee mate I've tried)
                    Jams, maple syrup
                    Spaghetti sauce

                    That is all I see without diggging in really far...There is more lurking.



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                      Re: What's in your fridge?

                      I'm gonna try this from memory, so will probably forget something

                      half a Turkey
                      mashed potatoes
                      turkey gravy
                      green beans
                      small container of english peas
                      soy butter
                      over 2 doz. eggs
                      2 lbs. thick sliced bacon
                      1/4 gal. milk
                      chocolate syrup
                      head of cabbage
                      bag of baby carrots
                      2 packages of smoked ham
                      half package of cheese
                      a few hot dogs
                      shredded parmasan cheese
                      link of sausage
                      various condiments
                      dewberry jelly
                      fig jelly
                      lemon juice
                      gallon pitcher of tea
                      large jar of pickles
                      V-8 V-fusion


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                        Re: What's in your fridge?

                        2 month old eggs? Are you really going to use them? Sounds like a trip to the ER


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                          Re: What's in your fridge?

                          You guys do not even want to see my condiment list. We are condiment junkies in this household!

                          How about things you will NOT refrigerate. I noticed a few things on other peoples list that I would not put in my refrigerator. Of course if some of these are cut then I would refrigerate it.

                          Fresh garlic
                          Mustard (even opened I put in cabinet)
                          Tea (never refrigerate)
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                            Re: What's in your fridge?

                            Cindy, I have always put my mustard in the frig. Does it taste better or last longer in the pantry? Is this only yellow mustard. Just thinking, doesn't Dijon W:wine need to be in the frig?


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                              Re: What's in your fridge?

                              Yes, just plain yellow mustard. When I married my first husband his grandmother kept hers in the cabinet. She swore that the taste was more robust if kept in the cabinet. She was my elder so I listened and began doing the same. I have done that for 25 years now. I don't know if it is more robust, but I like it.

                              Your other mustards with things added do need to be refrigerated.
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                                Re: What's in your fridge?


                                Yes, the worms are leftover from a fishing trip!!

                                I think I am going to try to put the mustard in the pantry.

                                Although, after my last shopping trip I don't have much room in there either. I got $236 worth of groceries for $91....whoo-hoo for me (sorry to get off the subject)