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  • Sabine

    School is going great. I was a bit overwhelmed at the beginning of the week, but I think I just might get through it. I will probably go back into the woodwork here at CK for the semester. Probably just in the nick of time because I don't think I could have held my tongue for much longer!!!

    I will try to stop by and say hi when I get a few minutes breathing time.

    I will try to continue doing my blog, so check in there every now and then.

    Visit my blog at:

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    Re: Sabine

    I think going back to the routine of school etc. after a long summer break is always a challenge. But I know you will do just fine, you have the motivation, you will do it. We are going to miss you on the board, so do check in from time to time. Yes, I will check your blog. take care ((( Cindy )))


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      Re: Sabine

      Cindy, speaking of your blog, when are you going to post a new one?