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    Any Firefox fans out there?, do you have any fav. add-ons? I just downloaded the clipmarks it looks pretty cool and I love my walnut theme
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    Re: Firefox

    I have it and like it. Although I don't really use a lot of the things they offer. I'm using it mostly because my DD's b/f (who is a computer geek) got me using it due to Firefox minimizing all those nasty pop-ups.
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      Re: Firefox

      have it love it and have lots of add ons I have google toolbar, stumble, better gmail, fasterfox, retailmenot, and web of trust. Skins I have pink bee, hawaii, artic glow and shadow thunder II sunbeam(which is what I am currently using) LOL I Love gadgets
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        Re: Firefox

        Some of my favorites are adblock plus, foxmarks, piclens, and tab mix plus.