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Anyone kids went off to college this week?

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  • Anyone kids went off to college this week?

    DD transferred from com. college into her 2nd yr of college, only 45min away she got an apt with a roommate, roommate I like, so mature, she councils freshman kids that are having problems adjusting, mostly out of state kids. It was 2 days of moving all the crap in, her room here is empty. No clothes, took all of them. I am worn out with this, but also got so much engery, I moved the furniture in her bedroom and cleaned it up. Somehow, this has not hit me, she is an only child I was too tired to cry. I do miss her but sleep better at night, she has no car down there so I don't have to worry about her coming home late at night like she always did. I think in a week this is all going to hit me. She is tired too. We unloaded the stuff, then a few hrs later the b/f came & he helped out. I think she really just wanted to have some alone time and the last 2 days was not that. Tomorrow is school so it will calm down. Can anyone relate to this?

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    Re: Anyone kids went off to college this week?

    Oh yes. DD has been out of university for a number of years now, but I do remember that moving day. The residence was absolutely crazy with so many kids moving in at the same time. DD was so scared because this was her second choice university and 'all' of her friends (3) were going to a different school so she didn't know anyone. She begged us to not just move her in and leave her. And after she was moved in, she couldn't wait to get rid of us LOL. The drive home (2 hours) was pure heaven.

    When DS went to university, it was "help me move in, give me a hug, I'll call you in a few days" Why are our daughters so difficult?!?
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      Re: Anyone kids went off to college this week?

      Yes, yes, this is all familiar territory for me too. We recently just finished putting all three of ours through undergrad, then on to masters and now the last one, DD, is working on her PhD and that's a 5 year program. I cannot believe how much faster 4 years in undergrad goes compared to high school. And that's because they only get to come home in leaps and bounds compared to high school where they live with you full time.

      Our sons still live at home and that's because they are trying to get ahead on those student loans from undergrad and masters programs. DD (the baby) however is living 4 hours from home, has her own apartment, has a grad assistantship and works another job on top of it all to make ends meet. I think this is harder on me than when she was in undergrad because then she was only 1 1/2 hours away compared to 4 hours away. She has always been very independent but learned a lot about herself by being on her own this past year . She actually got more lonely without family nearby than she thought she would. After Christmas was really tough on her until spring time. DH and I tried to visit her as much as we could to help her out. But she got through it and now her boyfriend of 7 years just moved in with her and all his extended family live nearby so she should be fine now. Although her b/f just got done with undergrad and is looking for a job where they are but there's no guarantee, so that would be tough on her if he ends up not staying with her the next four years.

      So just never ends with the missing them and the worrying. I probably worried more about her this past year being so far from home for the first time. I made her call me almost every single night just to make sure she was home safe and sound after her night classes because if something were to happen to her, no one would know for 24 hours or more!!! Maybe I'm weird, but I'm a mom and I guess if that's being weird, then so be it!!!!

      Best wishes to ALL you college parents out there.........enjoy watching them "blossom", it's so interesting and rewarding to see them fly on their own once out of the nest trying to make it in the world.
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        Re: Anyone kids went off to college this week?

        DS started community college today. It's only 30 minutes away so he'll still be at home.
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