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Man shootin' mad over michelle obama...

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  • Man shootin' mad over michelle obama...

    This was just in our local news....happened about 20 minutes from me. Crazy people!!

    Pasco man shootin' mad after Obama speech, authorities say

    The man stood outside his RV, yelling and shooting a gun into the air. When Pasco sheriff's deputies confronted him, he ran inside and wouldn't come out.

    That started a six-hour standoff late Monday night between the man, whose name was not released, and authorities, Sheriff's Office spokesman Kevin Doll said.

    SWAT team units arrived later and surrounded the RV, Doll said. As the situation entered the early hours of this morning, SWAT team members fired riot gas into the man's home. He still wouldn't come out, Doll said.

    Finally, about 5 a.m., he exited his RV and was taken into custody. The cause of his displeasure, according to Doll, was Michelle Obama's speech last night at the Democratic National Convention.

    Doll said the man will undergo a psychological evaluation.
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    Re: Man shootin' mad over michelle obama...

    I hope they lock him up for awhile too !


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      Re: Man shootin' mad over michelle obama...

      Ignorant people are simply idiots... how many times have I been forwarded the "WARNING" that Obama is Muslim???
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        Re: Man shootin' mad over michelle obama...

        Yet another homegrown Idiot.... Relieved to know that y'all have them too!!
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