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  • Bowling

    Some of my lady friends finally got me to join a bowling league. I've not bowled since I was in my early 20's. Well today was sign up and practice and I bowled a 78 and then a 98 the 2nd game. The best part was leaving and going to lunch. LOL

    It was fun and I'm glad I joined.

    Is anyone on a bowling league?
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    Re: Bowling

    I was in my company's bowling league in 1988 and loved it !! I can't bowl anymore due to the 5 surgeries I've had on my hands in the last 6 years. I do miss it..


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      Re: Bowling

      I do not belong but I always thought it would be fun. Maybe I will do it when I'm retired like a lot of seniors I know do. That is if my health and body are in fine condition til then!!!!
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