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  • bad email, lol

    Crazy Email
    A husband and wife were taking a vacation to Miami to unthaw from the cold weather in north dakota. Due to the increase in air travel the couple was forced to take separate flights on separate days.

    The husband flew first and when the plane landed and he got checked in he decided to send his wife an email. He didn't notice the he made a spelling error on the email address so it got sent to a widow that had just come back from her husband's funeral.

    The widow checked her email because she expected to hear from friends and family. Right after she read the first email she fainted and her son ran into the room and saw his mom then read the screen. The email said: to my dearest wife i have arrived and got checked in, everything is ready for your arrival tomorrow evening at 4:30 can't wait to see you and we have some great neighbors.

    Your devoted husband.

    P.S. It sure is hot down here!

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    Re: bad email, lol

    LOL! I rec'd this one in my mail and still think its terribly funny! Thanks Tx! You da man!!
    Have you made time to listen to the birds today........