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I got stung...

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  • I got stung...

    by a bee I think. I don't think it was a wasp. It sure hurt tho. I was mowing our septic and went under the lilac bushes. There are some wildflowers still blooming there and that is why I think it was a bee.

    I didn't want to stop and run into the house for an antihistamine right away because I only had about 10 minutes worth of mowing left. But then I got to thinking about what if I had an allergic reaction, and went into anaphalactic shock and couldn't control the garden tractor and it (with me on it) went down the slope and into the valley, and DH won't be home until tomorrow night and then he'd be looking for me and finally discover the mown path down into the valley and follow it and find I went inside and tood the antihistamines right away.

    Yeah the strange things that go thu a person's head sometimes. Dang thing still hurts but the swelling and redness are down.
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    Re: I got stung...


    i haven't been stung in years. i'm really allergic.

    what did you put on it.
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      Re: I got stung...

      I got stung my a big red wasp a couple months ago. It was swollen and red for about four days. Then it turned into a huge bruise.
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