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  • Ro Ro

    when is the new baby due?

    I forget what number grandbaby this is for you,, I know it's your daughter's first.
    does she live near you? with you? so you'll see the baby often?
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    Re: Ro Ro

    Where is Ro Ro today???? Ro come out!!!
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      Re: Ro Ro

      My daughter lives about 2 towns away...aprox 50 miles. They are trying to buy their 1st home approx 12 miles away from where we live. If they do get the house I can come and kiss and hug the baby on the way to work and on the way back. She want to start on line college classes next year so I guess I'll be babysitting quite a bit too.

      She is due in Feb 2009. I talk to her everyday and see her about every 2 to 3 weeks.

      Stella and FG - Thanks so much for asking !!!!

      Stella - I plan on doing freezer meals for her when she gets closer to her due date.
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