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Cleaning out the freezer

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  • Cleaning out the freezer

    to make room for this freezer pack of beef I bought.

    Need some inspiration for using up those pre-made, frozen, meatballs (no tomatoey sauce stuff - I had enough spaghetti sauce and chicken cacciatore last week to last me for a while)
    some leftover steamed rice I had frozen
    and a package of stew meat

    C'mon now, y'all tell me what I'm having for dinner...LOL

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    Re: Cleaning out the freezer

    for the meatballs, what about Swedish meatballs over the rice?
    for the stew meat, what about a beef vegetable soup?
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      Re: Cleaning out the freezer

      Brown the stewmeat make a brown gravy and have it over rice, or brown gravy and meatballs over rice.
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        Re: Cleaning out the freezer

        So what did you make???
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